The Orient Innovation Lab Research Institute in Cambridge (OLRIC) is headquartered in partnership with NNEdPro-CREATE at St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge, and a member of the NNEdPro Nutrition Research and Innovation Consortium.


This research group aims to undertake primary nutrition research through basic science, human interventions, population studies and evidence syntheses to inform health policy and practice.


The current focus of this group is Action Research in Nutrition, COVID-19 and Type-2 Diabetes/Non-Communicable Disease Prevention in South East Asia. To do so, OLCRI is accessing specific nutrition related needs in South-East Asian countries and developing a nutrition educational model to measure changes to knowledge, attitudes, and practices.


  • To develop a board of committees in South East Asia, expanding the network of evidenced-based organisations and academic institutions in the field of nutrition and health

  • To develop, deliver and evaluate a region-specific action research model on nutrition, COVID-19 and type-2 diabetes/non-communicable disease prevention, with peer-reviewed publications and practice/policy impacts

  • Issuing certificates for the training conducted in OLRIC

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